Oct 8, 2009

Whatever Happened to a Single Scoop? A Look at Cold Stone Creamery:

It has been just over 20 years since Tempe, Arizona witnessed ice cream history when the Sutherlands opened their first creamery in 1988. Mixing ice cream on a cold, stone slab and being able to add 32 different goodies, even a cookie dough ball, was the “coolest” thing to hit the ice cream world since cones.

Fun fact: in 2001, chocolate-covered crickets were a featured mix-in!

Now, Cold Stone is a nationwide phenom with over 1,450 stores in 13 countries worldwide. For the Cold Stone heirs, this is an ice cream dream come true, but for the rest of us Americans, and now 100 international locations, it means an irresistible, sugar-coma-inducing culprit is attacking us at every turn.

And what, you may ask, is the biggest weapon in Cold Stone Creamery’s arsenal of artery-clogging creations? Well, I’ll tell you: a seemingly simple shake!



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Cold Stone offers ice creams (even in to-go tubs), shakes, cakes, cupcakes, smoothies, sorbets, and now offers pies and even blended ice coffee drinks.
So many options, so many ways to eat at least 1/3 of your daily calories in one sitting.

The worst ice cream to indulge in is, surprise, surprise, one of the “Batters.”
Cookie Batter Ice Cream: Gotta Have it, 900 calories (49 grams of fat)

The famous Cake Batter isn’t too good for you either:
Cake Batter Ice Cream: Gotta Have it, 830 calories

EVEN a classic vanilla is a danger:
French Vanilla Ice Cream: Gotta Have it, 810 calories (46 grams of fat)

Not a single large size ice cream is below 600 calories (except the “Sinless,” which tastes disgusting… but we’ll get to that later).


Now here’s the fun one… shakes. What most people don’t know in the instructions for making a Cold Stone shake a small size shake requires 3 scoops of ice cream and the large needs 5. Then, factor in the candy mixed in and TA DA…

Every single shake (size small or large) on the Cold Stone menu is over 1,000 calories!

The “best:” Savory Strawberry
Like it: 1,000 calories
Love it: 1,200
Gotta Have it: 1,480 (81 grams of fat)

The worst: PB&C™ (Peanut Butter & Chocolate)
Like it: 1280 calories
Love it: 1,690
Gotta Have it: 2,010 (131 grams of fat)

Lets not forget the yummy ice cream cakes. A tiny piece of any of the Cold Stone Signature cakes, or one of their new cupcakes, is around 400 calories!

ALSO- Cold Stone has introduced several other things recently, including Jell-O pudding ice cream and rumors of partnering with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Even when I worked there, there was a signature combination all about Ghirardelli Chocolate (dark Ghirardelli ice cream, caramel Ghirardelli squares and fudge... WHOA) talk about getting your high calorie chocolate fix. (Both at around 800 calories for a large size)

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