Oct 19, 2009

An Apple a Day, Send the Ice Cream Away: Healthy Alternatives!

For the health conscious or lactose intolerant:
At Cold Stone:

Cold Stone offers a lemon sorbet, averaging at only 370 calories for a Gotta Have it! There are also seasonal flavors, like watermelon or Green Apple Gummy Bear

Most people hate Cold Stone Sinless Sans Fat Ice Cream, because honestly, it tastes horrible (obviously since it's ice cream with no fat or sugar... how is that ice cream?)
BUT, it averages at only 330 calories for a Gotta Have it AND here's a secret: if you have to get Sinless, add a dash of chocolate syrup as a mix it, it will make it taste much better and isn't as horrible as adding an entire beastly brownie. What I don't get is when people order Gotta Have it, with 3 candy bars in a chocolate dipped, Butterfinger-covered waffle bowl, then say: "Oh... better make it Sinless... I'm trying to watch it (pats waist-line)."

They added smoothies to the menu a while back.
Although, why not just go to Jamba Juice or a smoothie place, where the ingredients are fresh (not frozen berries) and the workers know what they're doing. Cold Stone crew members are ice cream-mixers, not smoothie-makers.

Instead of getting 5 chocolate, caramel, whip cream toppings, get some yummy fruit.

Better yet...

Why not just order a NORMAL size of ice cream, that you can finish in one sitting, won't make you feel sick and won't make up half your daily calorie intake. If Cold Stone got rid of all its random menu additions that try to promote "healthy indulgences" like the smoothies, Sinless etc and focused back on the quality of their ice cream by making appropriate sizes, it would be more enjoyable! It might be fun to get a massive serving of ice cream, but it melts, and isn't healthy day after day. If Cold Stone down sizes their portions, customers would focus more on the quality of the amount they received.
Ever thought how those small chip bags or fun size candy bars taste better than the full sizes? It's because you aren't overwhelmed by too much of a good thing!

* Fun facts!
You can reduce risk of osteoporosis by simply working out. It's shown that working out, which increases bone density (especially during your major growth years) has as much or just as much effect in preempting osteoperosis as calcium intake!
greater effect on your

You can get Vitamin D from the sun too! 5 to 15 mins of sun exposure can be enough to meet your body’s requirements.

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