Oct 21, 2009

Behind the Stone: Cold Stone Confessions

As a former Cold Stone employee, I have an insider’s perspective. I know how much food is actually wasted, how many employees cut corners and what really goes into your ice cream. Working at Cold Stone was one of the best high school jobs ever because it is all high schoolers who work in the stores. I worked with some of my best friends and actually got the job because I knew people who already worked there.

I’ve already talked about some things people don’t know, like how employees always add more ice cream when making a shake, just so they don’t accidentally make too little. The problem with this is there is always at least half a cup of extra shake, times that by 10 shakes made per employee, per shift, per store and that is a lot of wasted ice cream!

I hate to say it but employees also steal a lot from Cold Stones across the country. Because the sizes of the ice creams are so large, high schoolers don’t see a problem with taking some home, giving out a free one to a friend every once in a while, or wasting ingredients to make a fun concoction in the back room when things get slow.

If Cold Stone changed their sizing they would stop promoting this waste.

Check out something eye-opening I came across, a Facebook group of employees:
Behind the Stone: Confessions of a Cold Stone Employee

Some of the comment highlights from this group:
· “lets not talk about how much money in ice cream and candy i stole from cold stone....in one day :p”

· “My first of 3 managers did lines off the stone, then stole 150 bucks from the register to buy more coke to do off the stone.”

· “idk the best part about cold stone were the whip cream fights in the back!!! Lol”

· “we used to take empty pie crust containers and fill it with whipped cream to make a "pie" and tell the customers that if they let us pie them in the face they got a free ice cream...
We traded ice cream for food with McDonald's,the Bowling alley... (free bowling passes), pizza places..etc..
Wrestling matches including throwing boxes of sprinkles on the people fighting..
Having customers go into the back to wash the dishes for us lol..
Drug deals in the cold stone lobby ahah.. dancing on top of the stone..
Breaking the water container that cleans the spades every shift therefore creating a flood that went underneath the "gia" and into the lobby...
Convincing customers to taste those disgusting koolaid things so we could watch them practically throw up afterwards...."


I guarantee you that if you search "Cold Stone," on YouTube most of the videos that pop up are random goofing off of employees in the backroom. I would know, I worked at a Cold Stone in Washington State… think about how much we had to do during the Fall/Winter months. I think it’s obvious that if Cold Stone doesn’t take waste or nutrition seriously, their employees won’t take their roles at Cold Stone that seriously either.

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