Oct 23, 2009

A Clearer View: Confessions Part II

To help sum up AND
To give an outside opinion..

I've interviewed one of my old coworkers, simply asking her to comment on NUTRITION and WASTE at Cold Stone Creamery...here’s what she had to say:
"I have worked at Cold stone for 3 years. For half of that time I was a shift leader. One thing that baffled me was how wasteful people are. Instead of ordering a size smaller and saving money, people opted for the next size up. As a result they would throw away half a cup of ice cream.

The amount of ice cream parents would allow their children to have always shocked me. I was lucky to get a full scope as a kid. Parents always seemed to cave into their child's begging and would allow them sometimes to get a love it at 10:00pm! Did I mention that some of these children were as little as 5!

Since my cold stone was located next to a gym, people would come over after a workout and order ice cream! I bet they had no idea that that small strawberry savory has 900 calories aka almost half of their daily calorie intake on one drink!

The worst part is that we were encouraged to sell bigger sizes to customers. Sometimes we were even given incentives such as gift cards to whom ever could sell the biggest size in a month. Although I understand that this is a business and the main objective is to make a profit, it felt wrong sometimes encouraging people that bigger was always better."

- Nicole B.
(Thank you Nicole!!!)

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