Oct 21, 2009

From Table to Trash: A Look at Food Waste

"Americans waste more than 40% of the food we produce for consumption. That comes at an annual cost of more than $100 billion. At the same time, food prices and the number of Americans without enough to eat continues to rise."
- Jonathan Bloom (Author of Wasted Food & avid blogger)

We are all aware of how much food we waste on a daily basis, while others in other parts of the world struggle to make ends meet. Next time you enter a Cold Stone, order a smaller size that you will actually finish. Maybe then we can show Cold Stone that their HUGE sizes aren't what we want.

Here is some general information on food waste in the U.S.:
  • Food waste = uneaten portions of meals/trimmings from food preparation.
  • It is the second largest component of generated waste by weight and the largest component of discarded waste by weight (in landfills).
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that each of us discards slightly less than a pound a day or 209 pounds a year.
  • The University of Arizona Garbage Project shows a per-person food scrap rate of 1.3 pounds per day or 474.5 pounds per year.
Total Generated:
  • 31.65 million tons, or 12.5% by weight.

  • 209 pounds per person per year.

- Food Waste Facts.com

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