Oct 12, 2009

The Inside Scoop: 3 Things You Didn’t Realize About Your Cold Stone Creation

1) The Scoop Count
Want to get a good grasp of over-sizing at Cold Stone, become a crew member. You must agree, people get very possessive of their food…under size an ice cream and you get an angry customer, give them a little extra and you have a new best friend.
As an employee, it is always much easier to over size someone’s ice cream, than fix someone’s complaint that they didn't get as much as last time they came in.

Aptly quoted from a review of Cold Stone: "Sizing: You've been warned, the portion sizes are larger than they seem. When ordering a "Like It", expect to receive portion sizes for "Love It". When ordering "Love It", expect to receive portion sizes for "Gotta Have It"!"

When it comes to shakes, it is annoying and time consuming to have to make more shake to top off someone’s drink, so employees always add extra, just in case. Same goes for ice cream. Therefore, you’re almost guaranteed to get a third of a serving more than what is listed as a “Gotta Have it.” That means you’re probably consuming even MORE than those 1,000 calories.

A perfect example of Cold Stone oversizing is that they only use a normal ice cream scoop to make the kids size. Shouldn't the small or medium size be the equivalent of a scoop? Cold Stone should change their "Like it" to the size of a normal 3 oz serving of ice cream, the "Love it" to 5 oz (the current size of a "Like it"), and scale down their "Gotta Have it" to 8 oz (the current "Love it" size... and still extremely large, especially considering the richness of their ice cream).

Shakes are deceiving too. Did you know that when making a “Gotta Have it” size shake, the instructions dictate that it calls for 5 scoops of ice cream?! Add in that bit extra, just in case, and the liquefied state of your shake doesn’t change the fact that you’re sucking down about 6 scoops. Oh and don’t forget those lovely mix-ins!

2) Mix-in Mania

(*click here to see a mix-in & waffle cone product breakdown)

Fun Fact: There are over 11 million possible combinations at Cold Stone!

Ice cream calorie content is one thing, then lets add an entire cookie dough ball, brownie, dollop of whip cream, caramel, or dash of candy! Cold Stone’s unique idea of mixing in other goodies into their ice cream is delicious, but dangerous. Just one scoop of any chocolaty mix-in will give you at least 100 extra calories, and around 200 if it’s nuts.

3) Waffle Cone Woes

An example of Cold Stone’s wastefulness is its waffle cone products. There are only two sizes: standard and kids. All ice creams are put in a standard size waffle cone or bowl, with the exception of the kids size. Therefore, the waffle cone must be huge to fit the largest size, dwarfing a "Like it." Hardly anyone ever finishes their entire cone/bowl. Think about how much money and material Cold Stone wastes in uneaten waffle products at the end of the day. Also, the average calorie count for a dipped waffle cone or bowl is 310!

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