Oct 22, 2009

Fro Yo!

I already talked about healthier solutions at Cold Stone, but did not mention that they tried in introduce "Tart n Tangy" a frozen yogurt... although, it was not that popular where I worked.

My advice? Go to a frozen yogurt place like Golden Spoon, or my favorite: Cherry on Top! Finding FroYo was an excitement when I moved to California, it has not hit Washington... what a shame.

Yogurt has probioti
cs (live bacterial cultures) that promote digestion. It is also much healthier for you in terms of fat and calories and what about all those fun fruity toppings you can add! There are so many flavors too, whether you want sweet or tart.

Remember Cold Stone's 2,010 calorie PB & C shake?? ....

Let's compare that to all of Cherry on Top's -

Peanut Butter Cup: 49 calories
per serving
Peanut Butter: 46 calories
Chocolate: 40 calories

In fact, none of Cherry on Top's frozen yogurt are above 50 calories per serving.
According to the Cherry on Top web site on health facts:
"A study published in the International Journal of Obesity took 16 obese men and women and put them on a reduced calorie diet that included three portions of yogurt. 18 other obese men and women were put on a diet with the same amount of calories as the first group but little or no dairy products. The people who consumed the yogurt lost 61% more fat and 81% more abdominal fat than the group who didn't."

I think the frozen yogurt places have it down - better nutrition and a better handle on waste control. Because you are in control of your own portioning at frozen yogurt places like Cherry on Top and the fact that sizes at Golden Spoon etc are reasonable, there is much less frozen deliciousness wasted.

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